Helping you navigate market conditions to find the best self-storage opportunities


50+ Years of combined industry experience and knowledge gives you the results you want

180 Self-Storage aligns with small owners/operators or individuals entering the self-storage industry who are looking to expand their current self-storage holdings or simply enhance their approach to professional self-storage management.


Property Management

We provide property management services that give companies the strategies and technologies they need to be successful in the self-storage industry. Ensuring that our management team creates the best possible experience for all customers is ingrained in the 180 Self-Storage management philosophy. Our operating philosophy focuses on superior customer service in conjunction with superior management systems.


With 180 Self-Storage's "boots on the ground" approach, we're able to quickly and economically explore acquisition, development, and redevelopment opportunities with a keen eye on current market conditions. 180 Self-Storage is an ideal partner to help individuals and companies navigate these opportunities while also ensuring alignment with underwriting throughout the real estate/construction process.

"We don't tell our clients what they want to hear, we tell them what they need to hear."

-Tim and Jeff, Owners


Meet Tim and Jeff

With over 50 combined years in the industry, 180 Self-Storage has the background necessary to help owners and investors in each of the disciplines that are key to the success of a self-storage investment, including store operations, construction management, real estate development, acquisitions and feasibility.